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  • My exact 5 Steps to gaining The High-End Advantage™ so that you can work with ideal clients, do your best work and get highly paid and valued for it.
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  • How to avoid the 5 mistakes of time-based pricing and be paid to deliver real value instead
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  • The 4 steps to the High-End Enrollment System that provides instant credibility and removes salesy, cheesy low-end selling tactics
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Hi… I’m Vanessa Shaw

Vanessa Shaw is the creator of The Boutique Business Model™ and her zone of genius is helping clients have breakthroughs and paradigm shifts about creating more wealth and success in their business and life.

She brings over a decade of international experience working with top corporate executives and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Vanessa can help you step up powerfully as the leader and CEO of your business, break through your upper limit, and take inspired action that generates real results and grows your bottom line income.