How to maintain commitment

Thursday, 08 January 2015 by

One question that I’m frequently asked is, “Vanessa, how do I maintain my level of commitment to my business goals?” The reality is your commitment will wane over time and it can get seriously challenged when you experience the inevitable setbacks and disappointments that every business owner faces along the way. The key is in

If you want 2015 to be different this year, you’ll need a different approach. The majority of people who set resolutions never achieve them. In fact, most of their resolutions will be forgotten before January comes to a close. There are many reasons why this happens but one stands out. Most people don’t like the

M&M’s Marketing

Tuesday, 02 December 2014 by

If you’re anything like me you went into business because you have a passion to help others improve their business or life in some shape or form. You love what you do and you get totally excited about serving others in a powerful way. But no matter how much passion you have and no matter

Every business is looking to attract and enroll more clients but the question that is frequently overlooked is what type of clients do you want to attract? Are you looking to fill your business with average and ordinary clients or do you want to fill it with high-end, dream clients? In our work with private

All too often I see business owners wanting to get more clients but using all the wrong strategies to get in front of them. One of my personal favorite marketing strategies is to attend events. You often find yourself in a room full of hundreds of potential clients that you could help and if you

Do you ever have a Starbucks moment?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 by

Do you ever have a moment (or perhaps many moments) when you wonder what the heck you’re doing and fantasize about being in a totally different business? I’ve been doing a little survey on this form of escapism recently and I’ve learned about the fantasies that some of you other entrepreneurs are having. One owner