Do you ever have a Starbucks moment?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 by

Do you ever have a moment (or perhaps many moments) when you wonder what the heck you’re doing and fantasize about being in a totally different business? I’ve been doing a little survey on this form of escapism recently and I’ve learned about the fantasies that some of you other entrepreneurs are having. One owner

On Saturday evening, our hot water tank cracked open. We drove into our garage after a lovely evening out and it was like entering a sauna. There was water everywhere. We went into panic mode and managed to shut down the gushing leak but we’ve been without hot water, washing machine and dishwasher. The plumbers

Are you getting fed up with hearing, “I’d love to work with you but I can’t afford it right now” or are you attracting clients who frequently ask you for discounts? Getting a regular flow of clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of any business and it’s tempting to fall into the

What’s separating you from the crowd?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 by

I’ve been a student of success for years and I constantly seek to apply what I’ve learned to my own life and business. The “big question” I’ve always been curious about is what separates those who are successful from those who aren’t. Is it about being clever or super intelligent? Is it about timing? Getting

How liberating would it be to be able to set your own financial goals and then know that you can achieve them? Wouldn’t that feel empowering and free up precious energy that you could be using elsewhere? Here’s the secret though – you have to know how to set a bold financial goal for yourself

If there is one underpinning key principle that differentiates those who are successful from those who aren’t, it’s a healthy dose of self-discipline. Conversely, the path of least resistance is what causes people to look for a quick way out, find the next silver bullet or do the minimum to get by and ultimately sell

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